compressor system minibar
It is the most widely used cooling system in the world. Since it requires more technological investment, it is not used that frequently, especially for the manufacture of
minibars. While the absorption system minibar operates with precisely no sound, the compressor system minibar has a 38 decibel sound level. This sound level
complies with hotel sound standards. The compressor system minibar is preferred especially in hot destinations for it can cool to +2/+8°C degrees even in a 43°C
ambient temperature. The most important reason it has been preferred in recent years is that it saves energy 85% (A+++) when compared to the absorption system.

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absorption system minibar
The reason this system which is known as the beginning of refrigerator manufacturing in history is preferred by hotels is it operates with precisely no vibration and
no noise. Since no mechanical equipment is used, no vibration or noise is created in this method of heating the liquid cooler which contains an ammonia and water
mixture with a resistor. Because the cooling gas is required to remain constantly hot, the resistor keeps operating for most of the day. The cooling performance is
calculated using the DELTA-T fixed value in this system which can refrigerate between +4 and +14°C degrees at 16-32°C ambient temperature. The cooling
performance is determined by subtracting the DELTA-T (20°C) value from the ambient temperature. For this reason, if the minibar is to be used within a minibar cabinet
the ventilation of the cabinet needs to be planned extremely well.

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